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Welcome to District Tonkin

The celebration of our natural flair for reinvention, by taking something old and making it new, we reimagine it in our own vision and forge our own path. Creating new tastes, new experiences, and new traditions. We hope our guests will do the same and make District Tonkin a part of new traditions.

Eat mì at District Tonkin or Take mì home

About the Restaurant

Our Roots

We opened District Tonkin with one goal in mind: giving our guests a unique, delicious, and unforgettable experience. Our menu reflects centuries of family cooking, offering traditional and innovative dishes, skillfully cooked to perfection. Every single item we serve is carefully prepared to dazzle your senses, so browse our site and come by for some authentic street food.

The best things often occur in the meeting of two worlds.
In the unexpected combinations that create something new. The best of both worlds together to invent new tastes and new experiences.
Forging new traditions and making them your own. In Hanoi, this is something we learned long ago, by combing the French and Vietnamese kitchens to create the Banh Mì.


And now here we are, yet again, bringing you another new combination.
A Hanoi street kitchen crafted with our very own twist. An experience brought to life through space, taste, and interiors.

Taking you far away whilst keeping you close to home.

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Opening Hours

*Note that we don't do table reservations for parties

of less than 8 people.
Drop by and we will find a table for you!

Visit Us at all Locations

Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 - 21:30
Friday - Saturday: 11:00 - 22:00

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